Locomotion intro 1

What is Locomotion?

Locomotion, derived from the Latin words "loco" (from a place) and "motionem" (motion, moving), refers to the act of moving in space. You've likely come across clips of people demonstrating different ways of moving, usually closer to the ground or on all fours, diverging from the typical walking or running gaits.

Unlike a structured discipline, Locomotion has no rules, competitions, masters, or predefined expectations. Some movers adopt a more fluid and dance-like approach, while others emphasize strength or acrobatics. Each individual is free to choose their unique style and repertoire of movements.

Whats inside?

8-session locomotion program made for complete newbies up to intermediate level.

Each session includes an extensive warm-up and mobility routines, elaborate breakdowns of moves, and fluid combinations.

Every session is about 60-90 minutes long, depending on your choices of reps and sets.

No equipment is needed (though we highly recommend a pull-up bar/something to hang from, it is totally optional and can be done separately from the sessions).

Each session is presented as a series of short video clips available anytime and from any device.

About the program

Throughout this course, you will learn various cartwheels, crawling options, basic arching, elbow levers, and floor work. You will learn how to integrate these moves into a flow as well as general principles of fluid movement.

I will present you with my personal style and the moves that I believe to be ideal as a starting point. However, my primary objective is to guide you in discovering your own path and provide you with a versatile skill set that will allow you to navigate and progress in this new and exciting practice.

Beyond moves, each session includes an extensive preparation and mobility section. I believe that developing a solid physical foundation is an essential component of safe and sustainable practice.

Who is it for?

This intro is made for complete beginners, no prior experience is needed.
That being said, it also holds challenges for more experienced practitioners.

Every step of the way you will get several options of execution.
So, for example, if you are a 27 years old athletic person, you can practice along with your 60 year old parent; Both of you will practice the same elements but in different variations. Just like we do in our classes.

Repetition vs. Variation

Establishing the foundations in any field is a grinding business,
there's no way around some repetition and hard work.

However, I made it my personal goal to make it as interesting and as varied as possible.

There is repetition, as there always should be, but I narrowed it down to the bare minimum. Aiming for an optimal balance between repetition and variation that is based on teaching hundreds of students over the years.

My goal

My goal is to make locomotion accessible to people at every age and every level of physical ability; to break down the infinite world of locomotion into small enough pieces, for everyone to digest; and to provide tools and foundations for further learning.

This course is based on my experience of teaching these moves to hundreds of individuals over the past decade. Every part of it from the breakdowns, and structure to the number of reps is my best attempt to give you a fun, engaging, and productive practice.

Technical details

  • The course is structured as a series of videoclips, available anytime and from any device. I used all my teaching experience to keep them as short as possible, so you can focus on moving rather than watching.

  • The course will be available for unlimited use.

  • The course is non-refundable.